Saturday, November 22, 2008

Video: Palin "Pardons" Turkey

In this strange video, as a slaughterhouse worker kills turkeys in the background, Alaska Governor (and erstwhile Republican VP nominee) Sarah Palin says:

"Certainly we'll probably invite criticism for even doing this, but at least this was fun."

Wait, what?! It's FUN to watch animals being killed?! According to FBI studies, that's exactly what serial killers think, and most of them practice murdering animals before moving on to human victims. Personally, I think this woman is totally psycho. Her lack of empathy and love of killing is a lipstick-red flag signaling a dark and dangerous bloodlust.

And yet, speaking as a vegan and career animal rights activist, I have to observe that Palin's surreal "pardon" video will probably turn more people off turkey this Thanksgiving than even this PETA turkey farm investigation in which workers stomp on turkeys' heads, punch them, slam them into walls, etc. So, thanks Sarah Palin...I guess...

Happy holidays!


  1. Thanks for making this post. This woman is really sick!

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