Thursday, April 26, 2012

My Business "Self-Portrait" in VStream E-Zine

My one-page business "self-portrait" is in the brand-new Spring/Summer 2012 issue of VStream, Vegan Mainstream's e-zine. This 69-page online magazine is chock full of articles, recipes and more to feed both your mind and your appetite.

My profile focuses on the intersection of personal and professional passions – in this case, writing and kindness to animals. It also explores the experiential similarities between starting a business and going vegan, and how each of them changed me. 

Read my profile to get a taste for what's in the e-zine, then 

Download the full issue for just $2.99 

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Rebranding Veganism

My new feature article in the latest issue of VegNews magazine

My new feature article appears in the latest issue of
VegNews magazine, which is on newsstands now. Entitled “Rebranding Veganism,” it profiles six cutting-edge companies using modern marketing to help vegan businesses succeed and gain maximum exposure. Read all about:

- Vegan public relations firm Evolotus PR

- Vegan marketing agency
Vegan Mainstream

- Vegan e-coupon site
Vegan Cuts 

- Product promotion company
All Things Vegan 

- Social change “publicity experiment”
The Sparrow Project

- Vegan brand consultants
Vertebrae, Inc. 

If you’re not yet a VegNews subscriber, get a copy now by:

ordering online or

picking one up wherever fine vegan lifestyle publications are sold