Monday, September 04, 2017

Check Out My New Blog - Really Fictional

Dear subscribers:

It's been over five years since I posted to AnimalRighter. In the meantime, I've continued writing: just not much about animal rights. So, just in case you're interested, I'm writing to let you know that I recently started a new blog called:

Really Fictional

This was inspired by two key events. 

First30 years ago, I had a visionary dream experience that I have never forgotten in which a mysterious, powerful, otherworldly voice clearly told me to write fiction under the pen name Benjamin Edison. You can read that story here, which will also help you understand what Really Fictional is about.

Second, Donald Trump's election to the Presidency seems to have ruptured the space-time continuum, making it much harder to tell the difference between reality and fantasy. Truth is under assault in ways that it has never been before in United States history. It's a psychologically dangerous and psychically damaging time. I have returned to fiction in an attempt to explore the boundaries between reality and imagination, stay sane and free my mind from the background noise of deception, lies and hate. And to have fun. 

I used to write fiction in my teens and twenties, but regretfully didn't keep it up. Really Fictional is my late restart. If you do read it, and find my parodic psy-fi parables entertaining, I encourage you to subscribe. Then you will get email notifications when I publish new posts, which so far has been about once a week. And I'm always interested in readers' feedback. 

Thanks, and happy reading,

Mat Thomas