Sunday, March 07, 2010

Soul Food-For-Thought: The Real Roots of Liberation

Read my review (with photos) of this singular San Francisco Black History Month benefit

In February, I attended the Soul Food-For-Thought event at San Francisco's historic Herbst Theatre, presented by and benefiting the International Fund For Africa (IFA). More than 500 people enjoyed this evening of great vegan food and awesome live entertainment while being exposed to a message of dietary compassion tailored for the Bay Area's African-American community, which made up most of the audience.

I enjoyed Soul Food-For-Thought so much that I wrote a review of it which James McCaffry from the Studios of FotoGrafis then produced as a four-page (11-by-17-inch) booklet under the auspices of ark magazine. This beautifully-rendered brochure includes McCaffry's own photographs of the hosts, sponsors, performers, speakers, and guests. Reading it is the next best thing to being there!

Check out the review

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