Thursday, February 03, 2011

Water Usage & Privatization

Animal agriculture's abuse of our most precious natural resource

As the basis for life on Earth, water is truly "the elixir of life"—and agriculture uses far more freshwater worldwide (approximately 60 percent of the global total) than any other human activity. Much of this water goes to crop irrigation, but a significant proportion (about 8 percent of the total) is used to raise animals for meat, dairy and eggs. Meanwhile, with the human population projected to hit nine billion by 2050—and animal product consumption expected to double in that time—political analysts speculate that the wars of the future will be fought over dwindling water resources.

Read all about this pressing issue in my new article entitled “Water Usage & Privatization” for the Food Empowerment Project.


  1. Love the article - very detailed and heavily cited with relevant sources. Thanks for writing that piece!

    Is industrial animal production and oil usage on the horizon?


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